Just the FAQ’s, and only the FAQ’s

  1. What’s with the random hours? – I’m one guy and sometimes its hard to make the 2 job work-life balance work correctly
  2. What about the janky website? – Is what it is. It’s like Facebook, but without advertisements, and only the info you actually care about
  3. Is this really a one man operation? – For the most part? Mom and the lady-friend help when they can. So…… its not purely one man?
  4. Why were grapes available to pick one week but not the next? – We’re not miracle workers. We’re at the mercy of the vines, weather, and plain dumb luck to make picking happen
  5. Wines are on tap? – Yes, I tried to do something earth shattering by offering on tap wine. Felt it was “greener” than poppin bottles every weekend
  6. So, something is on tap, but its not available in the bottle? – This one is real unfortunate. I can bust out a keg real quick, but just don’t have time to bust out bottles; or I’ve sold out of bottles and I still have the keg leftover. Logistics, you know….
  7. You hardly advertise and there’s not much to read about you? – I’d rather attract the right customer, than the wrong one. This is an eccentric operation after all. Most won’t understand
  8. I can go to the store and buy similar wine, so why should I buy yours? – This business isn’t owned by some soul-sucking conglomerate or morally bankrupt hedge fund. It’s small and unique. Sometimes that means attention to detail, sometimes it means not being able to take advantage of quantity discounts on materials like bottles. Win some, lose some. It boils down to how you want to vote with your hard earned dollar
  9. Is it hand crafted? – Yeah, I don’t use my feet, for anything, I walk around on my hands and live an inverted lifestyle…. But in all seriousness. I don’t really use any less equipment than the next winery. So “small batch” is probably the correct terminology
  10. Are you space cadet? – Mama always said I was special… though I wonder what she meant by that. Straight up, I cracked a joke on mothers day one time and she told me the doctors had suggested I be aborted. Yet here we are
  11. What were you doing while typing this page? – I was sitting on the couch, heat pad behind the back, gym shorts only, drinking beer, and watching a terrible “B” film on some free streaming service.