261 Scenic Dr. Mocksville, NC

Located on the outskirts of Mocksville NC. Our vineyard of Muscadine grapes is situated in an area of quiet farmland reminiscent of grand ma’s place. Just a block away from the Davie County lock up. The sheriff doesn’t have far to drive if there’s trouble, and you don’t have far to walk to get back to your car


Dove Vine Beverage started with a honey bee hive. A large honey harvest and my desire to make booze in my mom’s basement, would make me into a wine maker. I made mead with the most primitive understanding of wine production. The stuff tasted pretty good, and no one went blind or complained about the effects. I wanted more. Some blueberries from mom’s garden, last year’s diced apples out of her chest freezer, taking her car to SC for peaches. I had a basement cellar that would rival all others.


336-751-3794 Only available during hours of operation