Opening for wine sales

February 6th, 12th, and 13th

March 5th and 6th

Noon – 6pm

On site sales only, we don’t have enough stock to sell bottles at this time

Current line-up includes; honey wine, strawberry, cranberry, cider, and a variety of reds and whites

Muscadine U-Pick

September is harvest season. Picking will be available Saturday through Monday, sunrise to sunset and Tuesdays till 2pm. Price is $8 a gallon, cash only. The vineyard is not part of Dove Vine Beverage, there for no card reader will be available. there will be no alcohol sales during harvest.

If you picked muscadines in the past at a place called Garden Gate Vinyards, you’re in luck, because thats us

336-751-3794 call day of if you need more information